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Latest Updated on:   21-02-2021

World Bio-Diversity Day: 22 May.


Coca-Cola is to do away with plastic bottles: for bottling & packaging to avoid plastic pollution. For this purpose, the firm will use Paper bottles, so, it has started the the testing.                                   


Patna to house India's 1st Dolphin Research Center.


Tamil Nadu's 5th Tiger Reserve:  Tamil Nadu will now have a new tiger reserve, encompassing over one lakh hectares of land that falls under the Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Srivilliputhur Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary. It is going to be the 51th "Tiger Reserve"  in India. 


Nanda Devi Glacier broke down: Chamoli District of Uttrakhand, thus destoying the in-building NTPC thermal power plant.


South Korea: is set to found world's largest "Offshore Wind Farm" by 2030.


Geothrmal Area Development Project: to be set in Leh(Ladakh).


India to host: "World Sustainable Development Summit 2021", under the theme Redefining Our Common Future: Safe and Secure Environment for All in New Delhi from 10-12 Feb 2021


Goverment of Tamilnadu has decided to set a "Multipurpose Algae Park"


Arboretum in Uttra Khand: to be established in Nainital to conserve more than some 210 species of Trees, found in Shivalik Range of Himalaya.


International Wetlands Day: 2 February.   


Koppal(Karnataka): to house India's 1st Grey Wolf Sanctury.                       Pakistan Got GI tag: for 'Basmati Rice'.   2021 as Year of Environment: India & France to celebrate so.

Mount Merapi, Indonesia's Most Active Volcano: Erupts, Sending Ash Over 6,500 Feet Into the Air.

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Tamilnadu renamed a newly found species of "ANT" after: Amitabh Joshi.  (2 new species of ant have been found in Kerala & Tamilnadu".


Zoological Survey Of India reports: that the "Sundarban Biosphere Reserve" houses a total of 428 species of Birds.


United Nations Development Program(UNDP): Conducted a wholesome survey on Climate Changes as "The Peoples' Climate Vote".


"Union Ministry of Road Transport": to levy a "Green Tax" on Old Vehicles. According to the proposal, transport vehicles older than eight years could be charged Green Tax at the time of renewal of fitness certificate, at the rate of 10 to 25 per cent of road tax, while personal vehicles will be charged Green Tax at the time of renewal of registration certification after 15 years.


Gucgchhi Mushroom: Mostly found in Jammu & Kashmir got the GI tag. It is grown in the Himalayan region after snowfall. It has a unique flavour & earthly aroma, 1 kilogram of this Mushroom can cost Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000.                                                                  


Gujrat Govt.renamed the fruit: name of the "Dragon Fruit" is changed to "Kamalam".


"Saksham 2021" campaign: launched by Petroleum Conservation & Research Authority(PCRA), to encourage consumers to "Clean Engines".


Pepsico: aimed to turn into "Zero Carbon Emitter" by the year of 2040.


Karuna Awareness Campaign: is the campaign started by Gujrat State Government. To prevent death and injuries to birds during "Uttarayan kite festival".


Zoological Survey of India started GPS tagging: of endangered Olive Ridley to track their migration path in the off-shore waters of Odisha

Sonia Aggarwal: has been selected by US president-elect Joe-Biden as his advisor for "Climate Change Policy & Implementation".



Lucknow Municipal Coorporation started "Thaila Bank": under this scheme, Thaila (the carry bags made up of clothing) selling stalls will be there, every where around the shops, to minimize the Plastic Pollution. The bags will be readily available and will be in reach of all, be rich or poor.


Wildlife Protection Efforts in India



1)National Parks


2)Wildlife Sanctuaries


3)Conservation Reserves


4)Community Reserves


India has a no. of  903 such protected Areas, which occupy an area of 1, 65,012,59 square km,

a 5.02 % of total area of India.(as reported by Ministry of Environment & Climate Change, Jan 2021)


Siruvani Hills( Coimbatore): has been identified as "Butterfly Hotspot" by The Nature and Butterfly Society (TNBS).


Andhra Pradesh: has started a "Water Bird"  census.


CoP 26:  The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, is the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference. It is scheduled to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, from 1 to 12 November 2021 under the presidency of the United Kingdom. The COP26 UN climate change conference was postponed due to COVID-19, which was slated to be held in year 2020.



Floating Solar Energy Plant: It will be largest floating plant at the Omkareshwar Dam on Narmada River at Khandwa block in M.P.



FSSAI (Food Safety & Standard Authority Of India): lowered the portion of 'Trans Fats' in packaged food. Earlier, it was 5 %, it lower it to 3 % now.



♦Meghalaya Ginger Processing Plant: Northeast's First-Ever Ginger Processing Plant In Meghalaya To Become Functional, at district Ri-Bhoui in Meghalaya is being revived and is likely to become functional in the beginning of 2021.


Fire in Dzukou Valley: This valley on the boundary of Manipur-Nagaland is engulfed by the massive fire, causing damage to the environment, The Dzukou valley is a popular tourist spot and is famous for its seasonal flowers and bio-diversity.

Gujrat: declared its "Solar Energy Policy".

Updated on:  Wednesday, 30-12-2020 , below given is all about ecology arena in the year 2020.


Iceberg A68a is to collide: It is now(December 2020) reportedly said that this massive iceberg is headed towards South Georgia Island, and could hit the remote world in the southern Atlantic teeming with wildlife within days. The iceberg is bigger than Singapore or Luxembourg and is 4,200 square kilometers.

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Hot Air Balloon Wild Safari: Badhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh is the 1st Tiger  Reserve to have this facility in the country.


Tso Kar Lake in Ladakh: is the 42nd wetland site from India, which has been added in Ramsar Wtland List. The Tso Kar or Tsho kar, known for its size and depth, is a fluctuating salt lake situated in the Rupshu       Plateau and valley in the southern part of Ladakh in India.


Its Fantastic, Fabulous(India got a 60 % hike in the no. Of Leopards): now we have 12852, whereas they 7910 as per 2014 census.




Monkey Rehabilitation Center: Telengana,


Nehru Zoological Park,Hydrabad: received ISO 9001:2015 certificate.


French P.M led for Climate Change:  French President Emmanuel Macron announced a referendum to add the fight against climate change and the need to preserve the environment into the French     Constitution.                                                 


P.M. Modi inaugurated world's largest renewable Energy Park in Surat.


Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare: Declared UT of Lakshadweep as state with Fully Organic Agriculture.


Orchha & Gwalior of Madhya Pradesh: These two fort cities of  Madhya Pradesh have been included in the UNESCO's World Heritage Cities.

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Kutchh: all is set to Kutchh to have the world's Largest Renewable Park.


Kanhargargaon wildlife Sanctuary: Maharashtra Govt. has decided to upgrade Kanhargaon in Chandarpur Distt. of Maharashtra as Wildlife Sanctuary,  it will be the 50th Wildlife Sanctuary of Maharashtra.


New Zealand: has set year 2025 as time-limit to turn a Carbon Neutral Nation.


Clean Meat: Singapore has approves one company to serve Lab-made meat, not from slaughtered Animals.


US air Quality Index: Lahore(Pakistan) has the most poisonous air, New Delhi(India) is at the 2nd Rung.


Renewable Energy In India: India aims as producing 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030.   


Raimona: is the 4th National Park proposed in Assam. 

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Wild-Life Conservation in Gujrat: Gujrat has led the Wild-life Conservation  With PPP model. Accordingly, 12 Leopards were given under Reliance Industries.


Ecobridge in Uttrakhand:  Uttarakhand Forest Department built one-of-its kind bridge across Ramnagar Forest Division. They have built an eco-bridge across a highway in Kala Dungri range. This eco-bridge is 90-ft long and 5-ft wide and is made from bamboo, rope and grass and the aim behind this bridge is to save reptile species from being killed by vehicles.


Arunachal Kiwi: is an Organic certified Food.


Pilibhit (U.P.) Tiger Reserve: Philibhit Tiger reserve got the 1st international Award TX2, among the 13 tiger ranging countries for having doubled the number of tigers in less than the stipulated Time.



Britain(UK): banned the sale of  all new cars fuelled by Petrol & Diesel.


Tristan da Cunka:  Tristan da Cunha, a small chain of islands in the south Atlantic, is to create the planet’s fourth-largest marine reserve. A chain of volcanic islands in the south Atlantic will set aside a stretch of ocean almost three times the size of the UK to protect nature – creating the world’s fourth-largest marine reserve.


Sur-Sarovar( akka Keetham Lake) & Lonar Lake(Maharastra): founds a place Ramsar List of Wetlands


Vaisno Devi Shrines board: Got the "Water Conservation Award". In 2019, the Vaishno Devi Shrine Board received the ‘Best Swachh Iconic Place’ award under the Centre’s Swachh Bharat Mission. Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board has bagged the first prize for water conservation management in the category of best institution, resident welfare association and religious organisation for successful campus usage, from the Union Ministry of Jal Shakti. Read more at:


Tripura  launches eco-friendly bamboo candles, diyas ahead of Diwali. Read at: http://Tripura launches eco-friendly bamboo candles, diyas ahead of Diwali.


Sandal Museum in Karrnataka: Karnataka Government has decided to set up a Sandal Museum in Masoor Palace, to add to the value addition of tourists at the Palace, in number.


Amur Falcons: Tripura Issues warning against killing killing of this migratory bird. Nagaland has done the same already.

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Kill 'Mink': Denmark Govt. has order killing of 1.5 crore minks, housing the nation, suspecting of adding to the infections of COVID-19.


World's largest Elephant Rehabitilation Center: Kerala's acclaimed elephant rehabilitation centre at nearby Kottoor is set to become the largest care-and-cure centre for pachyderms in the world with upgraded features and facilities. The existing jumbo care centre at Kottoor, located over 25 kmsaway from the capital city, is being upgraded to international standards as part of the state government's special programme for the protection and conservation of elephants.


Arunachal Pradesh: This state Government started PDS system based on Solar Energy.


Tejpur(Assam) Lichi: got GI tag. GI tag has granted Tezpur Litchi an incontrovertible proof of its origin in the state.


US quits: Paris Climate Agreement.


100 % tax free: Tamil Nadu govt. declared all battery run vehicles tax-free. 


Panna Tiger Reserve: located in M.P. has been enlisted in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, Now, it has a total of 714 such sites. 
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Jute Bags made mandatory: Central Govt. made it mandatory for 100%  packing  of Food-Grains.

Japan to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions to net-zero by 2050:  To read more, click this link:

Adopt an Animal: is a scheme launched by Nandkanan Zoological park in Odisha. Now you can adopt an animal of your choice from Nandankanan Zoological Park. The “Adopt an Animal” program would support the Zoo's world-class care and services for all inhabitants by providing quality food to meet their nutritional requirements, medical care, equipment, up gradation of the enclosure and enrichments.

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Kabartal(in Bihar): also known as Kanwar Jheel is the latest Indian Entity included in the list of Ramsar Sites, thus , Indian tally is 39 now.

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Asan Conservation Reserve:  first Uttarakhand wetland to make it to Ramsar sites list, thus total number of Indian Wetland sites in This list rose to 38. 

Ramsar Convention Signed in 1971 the Ramsar convention is a global treaty focusing on management and protection of important wetlands. India is among 170 signatory countries that agreed to pay attention and initiate needful actions towards conservation of wetlands. Globally, so far over 2300 wetlands have been identified as Ramsar sites. 

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Biospheres in India: There are 18 biospheres in India, 1st such sphere recognised was Nilgiri in 1986, Latest is Panna in M.P. in 2011. Under Man & Biosphere program, there are 11 such Indian entities.

Vulture Conservation Center: in Maharajganj(UP).  To read more  visit here

National Wild Life week: 3 October - 8 October.

Uganda becomes the first African country to submit REDD+ results:  paves way for payments, The mechanism by the United Nations calls for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. Uganda has become the first African country to submit results for Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

REDD+ is a mechanism developed by the parties to the UNFCCC to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

The results submitted to the UNFCCC has paved the way for potential results-based payments to the country, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said on June 24, 2020.

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Kerala Govt. got a UN prize: for 'outstanding contribution' towards prevention, control of non-communicable diseases. To read more, Click here

CoP 26: to be held in November 2020 at Glasgow, Scotland.

J & K govt.: set up a 10-member Bio-Diversity council for the state.

World’s 1st Solar Technology Summit, hosted by: India,

Odisha Govt: decided to set up Elephant Rehabilitation Centre at Kumarkhunti in Chandaka-Dampada sanctuary close to the State capital. To read more, click here.

Mexico: the 1st nation to launch 'world's first' sovereign bond linked to U.N. sustainability goals. To read more, click here.

Rome's Fiumicino Airport: awarded world's first five-star anti-COVID award

India for Renewable Energy:


Digging in the past:--

·        Anoxic Water: Anoxic waters are areas of seawater, freshwater, or groundwater that are depleted of dissolved oxygen. The US Geological Survey defines anoxic groundwater as those with a dissolved oxygen concentration of less than 0.5 milligrams per liter.

·        Hypoxia: It is the situation of Anoxic Water, having 0% concentration of Dissolved Oxygen.

·        Hypoxic or Dyoxic water: water is having a concentration of D.O. between 1% to 30%.

 Exaerobic: when the area D.O. concentration lies between two.

·        Dead Zones: Dead zones are hypoxic (low-oxygen) areas in the world's oceans and large lakes, caused by "excessive nutrient pollution from human activities coupled with other factors that deplete the oxygen required to support most marine life in bottom and near-bottom water. Currently there are some 400 dead zones worldwide.·  

Biomagnification: This implies the concentration of Toxic in successive magnification by Toxic Compound that passes forth via Food Chain. Biomagnification, also known as bio-amplification or biological magnification, is any concentration of a toxin, such as pesticides, in the tissues of tolerant organisms at successively higher levels in a food chain. 

It is all due to the excessive exploitation of resources that led to this devastating situation. Hence, To avoid it, we should adopt for Sustainable Development

Various Social Movements to Save Environment/Ecology: