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Airport Authority Of India(AAI): is to celebrate the week of 20 - 27 November as Airlines Awareness Week.

National new-born Week: India to observe the week 15-21 November as National New-Born week. Read more at https://nursingnews.in/national-newborn-week-2020/

20 November: World Children Day,  World Children’s Day was first established in 1954 as Universal Children's Day. The day is since then celebrated to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children's welfare. The date, November 20 is also important as it is the date in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child

World Philosophy Day: is observed on the third Thursday of November.   World Antimicrobial week: WHO to observe week of 18-24 november as "World anti Microbial Week.

►19 November: National Integration day( (INDIRA GANDHI’S BIRTHDAY))Read more at:https://www.indiacelebrating.com/events/national-integration-day-indira-gandhi-birthday/#:~:text=National%20Integration%20Day%20is%20observed%20every%20year%20on,woman%20prime%20minister%20of%20the%20India%20Indira%20Gandhi.

►19 November: International Men's Day    19 November: World Toilet Day 

►18 November: is observed as Naturopathy day in India.

►08 November: World Town Planning Day.       16 November: International Day of  Tolerance.     16 November: National day Of Journalism. 

International Bird Festival: to be organized in Gorakhpur (U.P.) in feb 2021. It will attract international tourists at Ramgarhtal Lake for bird watching. .

Read more at https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/varanasi/intl-bird-festival-to-be-organized-in-gorakhpur/articleshow/79118039.cms

National Ayurveda Day: celebrated every year on Dhan-Teras (the anniversary of Dhanvantary)

12 November: World Pneumonia Day, National Bird Day. National Public Service Broadcasting Day.

Bharti Axa: started a compaign named "Cancer Sends no Notification", to make people aware of this disease. 

10 November: World Science Day for Peace & Development.               ►11 November: National Education Day(On the anniversary of 1st Union Education Minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad)

Name of Ministry of Shipping Changed: Name of Ministry of Shipping being changed to Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways. 

To read more, click this link:http://Name of Ministry of Shipping being changed to Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways

08 November- World Radiography Day, World Radiography Day is celebrated on 8 November each year. The date marks the anniversary of the discovery of x-radiation by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. Radiographers worldwide can use the day and the days around the date to promote radiography as a career, as a vital contribution to modern healthcare, and as an opportunity to increase public awareness of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy.

05 November: World Tsunami Awareness Day.   //***//       ►07 November: Infant Protection Day.  //***//  08 November: National Cancer Awareness Day.

Chacha Chaudhary: is the new brand Ambassador of "Namami Gange" mission.

31 October: World Citizen Day. 

31 October: National Unity Day, celebrated on the birth anniversary of India's 1st Deputy P.M. & Home-Minister Ballabh Bhai Patel. 

Rani Padmavati Memorial: to be built in Bhopal.    27 October:  Indian Infantary Day   Global Audio-Visual Heritage Day: 27 October.  (Led by UNESCO)

To read more,click this link https://www.aninews.in/news/national/general-news/memorial-for-rani-padmavati-will-be-built-in-bhopal-shivraj-singh-chouhan20201028001856/

28 October: International Animation Day. To read more, Visit this link:  https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/fun/international-animation-day

Samsung Electronics: has been declared as the The Largest Global Employer of year  2020. While NTPC has emerges as the largest Indian Employer. 

24 October: World Polio Day, World Development Information Day,  24 October: is also celebrated as United Nations Organization day.

22 October: International Stuttering Day, To read more click this link    https://www.augsburg.edu/urbandebateleague/2020/10/21/stuttering-awareness-day/ &&& World Snow leopard Day.

21 October: World Deficiency Disorder Day.

Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project: is in Telangana on Godavari River.   Motera Cricket Stadium: is the largest Cricket Stadium in the world, lies in Ahmadabad. 

Kati Bihu: is one of the major festivals celebrated in Assam. Kongali Bihu or Kati Bihu as it is commonly known derives its name from the month of Kartik which is traditionally known as Kati. Unlike Bohag BihuKati   Bihu is not a flamboyant festival and the festivities are more sombre in nature. This Bihu is celebrated during the time of relocation of the rice sapling during the month of October. The granaries of the farmers usually remain empty during this time, hence it is known as Kongali (poor) Bihu

=>20 October: World Logistic Day, World Statistics Day   && Indian National Solidarity Day.

=>National Rugby Teams: It has been decided that Odisha will sponsor these teams. ////***// 14 October: International E-Wates Day. 

=>Govt bans printing of calendars, diaries, festival greeting cards by all ministries, PSUs

Read more at:

EpiVacCorona: is another COVID-19 vaccine, after Sputnik V being tested by Russia  //***// Global Handwashing Day: for Hand Hygiene awareness(17 October)

Commemoratory Coin 75 Rs.: PM Modi released a commemoratory coin on the 75th Anniversary of FAO. It was founded on 16th October 1945, H.Q. Rome (Italy). To read more click here

International Day of Rural Women: 15 October, The first ever International Day of Rural Women was celebrated more than a decade ago on October 15, 2008. To know more visit me

International Disaster Risk Reduction Day: 13 October.     //****//     National Philately Day:  13 October  //****//   World Standard Day: 14 October. //***// 

Nechipu Tunnel: Defence Minister laid the Foundation Stone for Nechiphu Tunnel in Arunachal Pradesh. Heralding in a new era in the connectivity of roads and bridges in sensitive areas close to Western, Northern and North Eastern Borders, Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh today dedicated 44 major permanent bridges to the Nation. To read more click here

Digital High-Tech Class Rooms: Kerala is the 1st state to achieve this feat.

10 October: Global day against capital sentence.   //***// Blue Flag tag: is given Foundation for Environment Education. (Denmark).

10 October: World Migratory Bird Day.   //  10 October: World Mental Health Day.    // 11 October: International Girl Day.

Patrika Gate: The Iconic Gate is built by the Patrika Group of Newspapers on the Jawaharlal Nehru Marg in the Pink City Jaipur.

Wilmington City(US): the US declared this city as "World War 2, Heritage City". To read more,  click here

Ram Vilas Paswan: A big name in Bihar Politics, Leader of LJP & a Central Govt. Minister Passed away    ***** 09 October: World Post Day.

08 October: Indian Air Force Day.  In Pic: Indian Navy headed ahead to wish its counterpart in the sky.

08 October:  World Sight Day, (2nd Sunday Of October, every Year)    //***//   National Wild Life week: 3 October - 8 October.

07 October: World Cotton Day, 1st ever was hosted by WTO on  07 October 2019, To know more, click here 

5 October: World Teacher's Day.  &   6 October: World Habitat Day.  To know more, click here  &&&  Wildlife Week(India): Celebrated every year from 2 0ctober to 8 October, To read more, visit here

Atal Tunnel: unveiled by  P.M, Modi, It is the world's longest tunnel at 10000 feet, in Pir Panjal Range in Himachal Pradesh, connecting Manali to Leh-Spiti, in Rohtang Pass. It is an all-weather tunnel with The 9 km-long Atal Tunnel, which promises to reduce the distance by 46 kilometers and the time by about four to five hours. The speed limit for cars using the tunnel has been set at 80 kmph. Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had decided to construct the strategic tunnel below the Rohtang Pass on June 3, 2000. The foundation was laid on May 26, 2002. In 2019, the government decided to name the tunnel after former PM Vajpayee to honor the contribution made by him.  

SAI: got a renewed Logo. 

The Young Minds: Two Guwahati-based women entrepreneurs have launched a newspaper specifically designed for kids, to promote creative thinking among children and inculcate in them the habit to read and write. The newspaper named 'The Young Minds' is the brainchild of Neelam Sethia and Neha Bajaj. To know more about it click here.

26 September: World Environment Health day  //  27 September: World Tourism Day.

25 September: World Pharmacist Day. //C //  25 September: Indian Antyodaya Day (On Anniversary of Pt. Din Dayal Upadhyaya)

23rd September: world Rhino Day. //  23rd September: World Sign language Day.

8 Indian sea beaches were recommended by the central Government for Blue Flag International Eco Label   //=>21st September: International Peace Day, also, world Alzheimer Day.

15 September: is celebrated as “Indian Engineer’s Day” on the birth anniversary of M. Visvesvaraya. / / also, 15 September: International Day of Democracy.

Reliance Industries: got the honour of being the 1st Indian Company to reach mark of 200 billion market value. //International First-Aid Day: 12 September.

Bangluru: to host Aero-2020//Karnataka:  has started Country’s 1st Integrated Air Ambulance// Hubli (Karnataka) Railway Station: is renamed as Siddharoddha Swamiji Railway Station, after a seer. 

ChannaPatna Toys: These are the wooden toys, made in a hamlet/village of KarnatakaThe artisans of Channapatna — known as the ‘Land of Toys’ — are banking on the superior quality of their products to rejuvenate interest in their over 200-year-old art form, both in India and abroad. The World Trade Organization’s Geographical Indication gives them exclusive rights to sell their toys under the Channapatna name. With the one-and-a-half-year-old Prince of Bhutan being the most recent recipient of these unique wooden toys, Channapatna handicrafts adorn houses across the globe and were also gifted to former United States President, Barack Obama, during his visit to India.

West Bengal: houses the largest “SOLAR TREE”.   In Bengal, CSIR-CMERI scientists set up the world’s largest ‘solar tree’ A solar tree is a metal structure resembling a tree that has solar panels fitted on the branches. The solar panels connected through metal branches produce solar power. The CMERI solar tree has 35 panels each with a capacity of 330 watts.

Bajaj Alliance: offered insurance for pet Dogs.  //FAV G: is an online game, an alternate to Pub G. // E-Chaupal: is an initiative started by ITC.

Northrop Grumman: (a US aerospace Company) names its spacecraft in honor of Kalpana Chawla, To read more click here.

Height of orbit of Geo-Stationary Sattelite: 35,786 K.M.(22,300 MILES).

Amul India: gave a moment to India to be proud of. It turned into the 1st Indian Dairy Company to be listed in the  Rabobank’s Global Top 20 list. 

Few important Art & Culture one-liners=>

Channapatna Toys: is the term given to toys manufactured In Channaptna village/hamlet in Karnataka.  

1.      The Sangai Festival is celebrated in: Manipur

2.      The temples constructed at Khajuraho are: -1. Jain temples 2. Vaishnavite Temples 3. Saivite Temples 

3.      The famous ‘Hornbill festival’ is celebrated in: Nagaland

4.      Gandhara School of Art: 1) It displays Greek artistic influence and the concept of the “man-god” was essentially inspired by Greek mythological culture. 2) Artistically, the Gandhara school of sculpture is said to have contributed wavy hair, drapery covering both shoulders, shoes and sandals etc. 3) The Gandhara art primarily depicted the Buddhist themes.

5.      Gundecha brothers are well-known exponents of Dhrupad styles of Hindustani Classical Music

6.      Elephant festival is celebrated annually in:  Jaipur

7.      ‘Me-Dam-Me-Phi’ festival is a festival of the Tai-Ahom community in North-Eastern India.

8.      Today’s Gurmukhi, Dogri and Sindhi scripts have developed from Sarada script.

9.      Ezhuthachan Puraskaram is the highest literary award of Kerala Govt.

10.  Karnataka state Government confers the Basavashree award

11.   A Fire temple is a place of worship for: Zoroastrians

12.  Bageshwari Qamar is India’s first and only (possibly) woman player of Shehnai, the music instrument.

13.  The Mathura school of arts used: Red Sandstone

14.  Barabar Caves is the oldest surviving rock-cut cave system in India

15.  Yakshagana, a dance drama is popular in Karnataka.

16.  Sindhu Darshan was the earlier name of “Leh Singhe-Khababs” Festival

17.  Tangaliya shawl, a unique weaving style has been given GI (Geographical Indications) recognition by the Central government in the latter half of 2009. This is an indigenous craft of Gujrat.

18.  Matrimandir” is located in: Pondicherry.

19.  “Temple of the Emerald Buddha”  is located in Thailand.

20.  Kallol was the name of one of the most influential movements in Bangla Literature.

1.     Vishwakarma Jayanti celebration is observed by worshipping tools.

2.      Sattriya dance, which is one of the eight principal classical Indian dance traditions is from Assam

3.     Konark Sun Temple, Orissa was called “The Black Pagoda” by the Europeans.

4.     Monolithic human figures carved from a rock called Moai Statues , which are also counted under seven forgotten wonders of the medieval world are located in Chile

5.     A festival called Chapchar Kut is celebrated in March in Mizoram.

6.     Gaudavaho of Vakpati narrates the Digvijay of Yasovarman

7.     Shore Temple is located in Tamilnadu.

8.      Vyas Samman is given in the field of Literature.

Performing Arts=>

=>Classical Dances:

1.  Bharatnatyam

2.  Kathakali

3.  Kathak

4.  Manipuri

5.  Odissi

6.  Kuchipudi

7.  Sattriya


A) Hindustani Music

The music of India includes multiple varieties of classical music, folk music, filmi, Indian rock, and Indian pop. Indian pop and

 Indian rock is derived from western rock and roll. India's classical music tradition, including Hindustani music, 

Bhartiya music and Carnatic music have a history spanning millennia and developed over several areas. Read any Indian Epic, will find a mention of Music. Music in India began as an integral part of socio-religious life. Be it peasantry life or business class they have an affinity/liking for music.

Music in Indian Culture is not a new phenomenon Here, Digging in the past gives you enough witness. ...

The 30,000 years old paleolithic and neolithic cave paintings at the UNESCO world heritage site at Bhimbetka rock shelters in Madhya Pradesh shows

musical instruments and dance. Mesolithic and chalcolithic cave art of Bhimbhetka illustrates musical instruments such as harp, drums, gongs, daf, etc.


Chalcolithic era (400 BCE onward) narrow bar-shaped polished stone celts like music instruments, one of the earlier musical instruments in India, were excavated at Sankarjang in the Angul district of Odisha. There is historical evidence in the form of sculptural evidence, i.e. musical instruments, singing and dancing postures of damsels in the Ranigumpha Caves in Khandagiri and Udayagiri at Bhubaneswar.


Dancing Girl sculpture (2500 BCE) was found from the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) site. There are IVC-era paintings on pottery of a man with a dhol hanging from his neck and a woman holding a drum under her left arm.

=>Classical Music:

The two main traditions of Indian classical music are Carnatic music, which is found predominantly in the peninsular regions, and Hindustani music, which is found in the northern, eastern and central regions. The basic concepts of this music include shruti (microtones), swaras (notes), alankar (ornamentations), raga (melodies improvised from basic grammars), and tala (rhythmic patterns used in percussion). Its tonal system divides the octave into 22 segments called Shrutis, not all equal but each roughly equal to a quarter of a whole tone of the Western music.

        Sangeet Natak Academy recognizes eight classical dance and music forms, namely Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathakali, Sattriya, Manipuri and Mohiniyattam. Additionally, India's Ministry of Culture also includes Chhau in its classical list.


 Carnatic Classical Music


      => Some Basics of Carnatic music explained here: 

   1) Swara: Swara refers to a type of musical sound that is a single note, which defines a relative higher or lower) position of a note, rather than a defined frequency. Swaras also refer to the solfege of Carnatic music, which consists of seven notes, "sa-ri-ga-ma-pa-da-ni" These names are abbreviations of the longer names shadja, rishabha, Gandhara. madhyama, panchama, dhaivata and nishada.

   2)Raag System: Raaga in Carnatic music prescribes a set of rules for building a melody. It specifies rules for movements up (aarohanam) and down (avarohanam), the scale of which notes should figure more and which notes should be used more sparingly, which notes may be sung with gamaka, which phrases should be used, phrases should be avoided, and so on

   3)Taal System: Taal or Tala refers to the beat set for a particular composition (a measure of time). Taals have cycles of a defined number of beats and rarely change within a song.

  4)Kriti: Carnatic songs (kritis) are varied in structure and style, but generally consist of three units, which is Pallavi, Anupallavi and Charana. This kind of song is called a keerthana or a Kriti.


   5)Varnam: This is a special item, which highlights everything important about a raga; not just the scale, but also which notes to stress, how to approach a certain note, classical and characteristic phrases, etc. 

    6)Raga Alapana: This is the exposition of the raga of the song that will be performed. 

    7) Niraval: This is usually performed by the more advanced concert artists and consists of singing one or two lines of a song repeatedly, but with improvised elaborations.

    8)Thanam: This form of improvisation was originally developed for the veena and consists of expanding the raga with syllables like tha, nam, thom, aa, nom, na, etc.

   9)Kalpanaswaram: The most elementary type of improvisation, usually taught before any other form of improvisation. It consists of singing a pattern of notes, which finishes on the beat and the note just before the beat and also on the note on which the song starts.





B)  Regional Music

C)  Traditional Theatre forms

·       Bhuta Song - Kerela

·       Daskathia - Odisha

·       Bihu Songs - Assam

·       Sana lomak - Manipur

·       Saikuti Zai - Mizoram

·       Chai Hia - Mizoram

·       Basanti - Garhwal

·       Ghasiyari Geet - Garhwal

·       Villu Pattu - Tamil Nadu

·       Sikar Ke Biah - Bhojpuri Song

C)  Traditional Theatre forms

·        Bhand Pather

·        Swang

·        Nautanki

·        Raasleela

·        Bhavai

·        Jatra

·        Maach

·        Bhaona

·        Tamaasha

·        Dashavatar

·        Krishinattam

·        Mudiyettu

·        Theyyam

·        Koodiyattam

·        Yakshaagana

·        Therukoothu

D)  Puppetry:

 4 types that are in practice, are: :::

 1)String Puppets

                2)Shadow Puppets

3)  Rod Puppets

      4) Glove Puppets   

🎨 Famous paintings

🎨 Madhubani paintings - bihar

 Warli - Maharashtra 

 Kalighat painting or bengal pat - west bengal 

 Phad -Rajasthan 

 Kalamkari - Andhra pradesh

 Miniature painting - Rajasthan

 Gond painting- Madhya pradesh, Maharashtra , chattisgarh , odisha Kerala 

Murals - kerala 

 Patachitra - odisha 

 Picchwai - Rajasthan 

 Pithora painting - gujrat

=================== Floor painting ==================

👉 Chaok purna -UP 

👉 Aipan - uttarakhand 

👉 Mandana - rajasthan 

👉 Muggulu - andhra pradesh 

👉 Kalam jatra - kerala

 ðŸ‘‰ Aripuna - bihar

 ðŸ‘‰ Rangoli - Maharashtra 

👉 Alpana - west bengal

 ðŸ‘‰ kollam - tamil nadu 

👉 Aroop - Himachal Pradesh 

👉 Athiya - Gujrat