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It is not only the Einsteins who make into Civil Services of India, but even Run of Mill type candidates also can do so. But, with few constaints, viz. One must be fully determined to achieve it, should not think one-self a bit lesser, proper guidance(that doesn’t mean that must join a coaching institute), should not give ears to lot of people, prepare selectively (can know it by looking at previous years papers & question papers of other exams).I confess, I collect much of the materials presented here, from various sources, directly or indirectly online.  So, thanks to them, also. We, are here at this Gurucool to provide study notes to lessen you labour & indicating what should you know about. The ‘Current Affair’ section is updated almost daily, I sure this small bundle of notes will add to 20-25 questions in CSat & similarly in Mains. This Gurucool gives you it free of Cost, so derive maximum of it and tell about it to others. Let’s start our journey……