Something Latest happening but 1st time 

Latest Updated on:   25-02-2021

World's Largest Cricket Stadium: This honor goes to Motera Stadium (Ahmadab).Which has been renamed as Narender Modi Stadium.



India's 1st tunnel under the sea: in Mumbai(the tunnel is 1 KM long).


DRDO skill development Center: unveiled in Pilukhuva in U.P. for 'Fire safety Training'.


India's 1st digital University: to be founded in Manglapuram of Kerala.


Narmadapuram: Madhya Pradesh Government renamed 'Hausangabad' as "Narmadapuram".


Nagaland Legislative assembly: it was for the 1st time the National Anthem was sung on 12th February in the Assembly.



Hyderabad as Tree city of the World: Hyderabad is among the 119 other cities of 63 countries which are declared "Tree Cities of the World" by 'Arbor Day Foundation' 'Food & Agriculture Organizaion' of UN. This city has become the only city to have this distinction.


Dickinsonia: Researchers found the lone fossil of Dickinsonia, the Earth’s 'oldest animal', dating back 570 million years  in Bhimbetka Cave System in Madhya Pradesh. Reportedly, Dickinsonia is an extinct genus of a basal animal, which as per the records, lived during the late Ediacaran period. These fossils are known only in the form of casts and imprints in sandstone beds. Referring to this discovery, researchers are of the opinion that have traced Dickinsonia on the roof of Auditorium Cave at Bhimbetka, which dates back 570 million years. As per the reports, the one that has been found in Bhimbetka is around 17 in long, where the ones that have been found in other parts of the world exceeded 4 ft in length.


Ajay Malhotra: turned the 1st Indian to head the advisory committtee to United Nations Human Right Commission, Zeneva.


"Daku Museam": Madhya Pradesh has decided to built a museum at 'Bhind', depicting lives of Notorious Decoits of Chambal. Like Phulan Devi & Pan Singh Tomar.



ISRO started testing of 2 private satellites: for this purpose for the 1st time, it has another unit named "U R Rao Satellite Center". 

 One out of these 2 satellite have been developed by 1) by Spacekids India & 2) by Pixxel. 


"Koo": is a 'Made in India' App., an alternate to 'Twitter'. Koo was co-founded by Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidwatka in 2020. It is owned by the parent company Bombinate Technologies     PvtLtd which also operated Vokal, the desi version of the QnA app Quora. Radhakrishna, an Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, graduate, is also the CEO.



International Energy Agency(IEA) declared: that India will be the 3rd largest consumer of Energy by the year of 2030.


34 Women Members are inducted in: its "COBRA Commando Unit" by CPRF. 


India's largest Panoramic Mural: created at Chennai's Indira Gandhi Railway Station, giving a message of shared humanity.



"Corona Warriors Memorial": at Bhuvneshvar in Odisha by state Govt.


Balasore(Odisha): is to house, India's 1st "Thunderstorm Research Testbed".


"Aatam Nirbharta": this 'Hindi' word meaning "Self-Dependence" is the Hindi word of year 2020, according to "Oxford".



World's 1st High Altitude Pseudo Sattelite: by HAL, with a start-up company, to strengthen the country’s military strike capabilities. It is a first of its kind project in the world, where a manned aircraft will operate within the boundary and the unmanned aircraft will enter the enemy zone and can carry out strikes deep inside the enemy territory.


"One Stop Shop", India's 1st travel portal: launched by Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Cooperation (IRCTC).


Square Kilometer Array: It is the world's largest Radio Telescope of Australia & South Africa in Collaboration. 


E-Cabinet: Himachal Pradesh is the 1st state in India to implement E-Cabinet to hasten the decision making. e-Cabinet is a powerful Information System for Government to streamlines decision-making process at the highest level. This paperless system has important features like Online uploading of Cabinet Memorandum, Approvals through system, Access to the Ministers beforehand, Prior registering of opinion, Cabinet proceedings on the System and Timely public access.



Kerala had 1st of its kind Human Milk Bank: titled ‘Nectar of Life’ at the Ernakulam General Hospital in Kochi. The state-of-the-art facility has been set up to ensure availability of breast milk for newborns who are not being breastfed by their mothers, who may be sick, deceased or due to insufficient production of breast milk


India's 1st immunity clinic: Chandigarh.


Lucknow Metro: is getting bigger applauds for it is the 1st Metro Sevices in India, which has started cleaning its coaches using Ultra-Violet(UV).


 Jarosite Mineral found in Ice in Antarctica(Which was supposed in Mars only: Traces of Jarosite mineral have been found in the icy core of Antarctica. There has been another theory suggesting that jarosite may have been formed from the dust trapped in ice deposits on Mars.


Janet Yellen: is the 1st American woman, who is serving as secretary of   US Treasury.


India's 1st Igloo Cafe:  Syed Waseem Shah's igloo café in the middle of Gulmarg in Kashmir. 


Bangaladesh Contingent, 1st time in Republic Day Parade: It was for the 1st time that the Bangladesh contingent participated in Republic Day Parade, It was a troup of 122 members comprising members of all 3 wings. Coincidently, Bangladesh celebrates 50 years of Its Foundation(Birth,1971).This was the third time that a contingent from a foreign country will be taking part in the Republic Day celebrations here. The other two countries being France (2016) and the UAE (2017).


The E-Voter-ID Cards: launched by the Election Commission Of India on the eve of "National Voter Day" January 25 as e-EPIC (Electronic Electoral Photo Identity Card).


U.P. became the 1st state to house two airstrips for fighter planes: These 2 strips areone at Purvachal Express way & second is at Lucknow-Agra Express way.



♦ SAILto set up a plant: in Chandarpur (Maharastra), of converting Gas into Ethanol. It will the 1st of the Kind.


IFFCO(The Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited) is the top cooperative agency: The Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) has stepped up to 65th position in overall turnover ranking from 125th position in last financial year and now is at the top spot among 300 leading cooperatives in the world.



Wahrew Bridge in Meghalaya: it is the longest steel arch bridge in India, on Wahrew River. The bridge would facilitate trade with Bangladesh as the connecting road is linked to the Bholaganj Land Custom Station apart from being the main surface link along the Bangladesh border from a strategic point of view.


Ladakh Tableau in RD parade on 26 January: It is for the 1st time that a tableau of Ladakh (now, a UT) will be the displayed in the Republic Day Parade at Rajpath.



Indian Rialways: renamed the the Hawra-Kalka Mail as "Netaji Express".     Gorewala International Zoo: is named after "Balasaheb Thakre".


Ministry of Culture, GoI: declared that it will celebrate the day of 23 January, the birth anniversary of Subhash chandra Bose as "Prakaram Diwas" every year.



♦ 8 Trains started from Statue of unity: to give the full connectivity, to "Statue of Unity" in Kevadia(at Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujrat) other parts of the country, 8 trains have been launched.



Air-Taxi Service: started in the nation, it started from Hisar(Haryana) to Chandigarh, under "Udan" scheme.



India's 1st Transengender Doctor: It is Kerala domicile Dr. V.S.Priya, This simply shows the changes in mentality of the society.



Bangladesi Army in Republic Parade celebration at Rajpath: It is for the 2nd time that a foreign unit is the part of this parade,1st time it was France in 2016.


ISRO to adopt 100 Atal Tinkering Labs: ISRO adopted some 55 labs on 11 january, soon it will go for 45 more.


Union Budget 2021-22: is to be presented on 1 February 2021, will be Paperless( 1st Time in India).


Geological Survey of India: confirms of  enough reserves of Vanadium metal in Arunachal Pradesh.


DRDO develops products to help Indian army battle extreme cold in Eastern Ladakh: that include the Him-Taapak heating devices and snow melters to help the soldiers fight the enemy in form of the extremely low temperatures.


Atomic Minerals Directorate For Exploration And Research: confirms of atleast 1600 Tons of Lithium mineral in Karnataka. It should me noted that it is the lightest metal and is used in Batteries, recently a Lithium refinery to be established in Gujrat.


"Know your Constitution": is a campaign launched by Lok sabha Speaker Sh.Om Bidla for all Schools & colleges.



India's 1st Indoor sky Park: set up in Kufri (Himachal Pradesh).     



All women Pilots Team of Air-India: successfully, took a 10000 K.M. direct non-stop flight from San Francisco to Bangalore. This team was headed by Joya Aggarwal.


Air India Express: is the 1st airline in the nation to use Ultra-Violet Robot in its Aircraft.



Central Government constituted a Summit: under its Home Minister(State) G. KIshan Reddy to conserve, encourage the Language, culture & Land of Ladakh.



Fly Wings: is a new airlines company in India.



Toycathon: Central Government has decided to organize a Toy Hackathon with the name "Toycathon" 2021", to promote the manufacturing Indigenous Toys.


Chennai Tops in World: in CCTV surveillance, Chennai has the maximum CCTV coverage per square kilometre and per 1,000 population among the 130 cities studied worldwide, according to a recent report published in South Asia Journal.


Desh Nayak Diwas: Central Govt. has decided to celebrate birth Anniversary (23 January) of Subhas Chandra Bose as 'Desh Nayak Diwas'.



Central Jail of Goa State: is to developed as a tourist place.



Bajaj Auto : has become the world's first two-wheeler company to cross a market capitalisation of Rs. 1 lakh crore. On January 1, 2021, the company's share price closed at Rs. 3,479 on the National Stock Exchange, making its market capitalisation Rs. 1,00,670.76 crore at that price.



India's 1st Ethanol plant: will be set up in Chhattisgarh.


Kerala's Reshma Mariam Roy: became the youngest person to hold the post of Panchayat President. Reshma won the local body election from ward 11 of Aruvappulam panchayat in Kerala.



Inaugural Issue of National Police magzine was released by Home Minister Amit Shah: the magzine has the name "National Police K-9 Journal".



Hospital Train: Indian Railways created another marvel in a Hospital Express named "Lifeline Express", which is stationed at Badarpur in Assam. It houses Most modern medical instruments & a dedicated team of Doctors, has 2 modern Operation Theatres & 5 Operating Tables.



6 Feet Statue of Arun Jaitley: was unveiled by Union Home Amit Shah at Arun Jaitley Stadium( Earlier known as Feroz shah Kotla, Stadium) in New Delhi on his 68th birth anniversary on 28 December.



Karnataka to unveil 'Rice ATMs': Karnataka's first rice dispensing machine or 'Rice ATM' will come up in one of the slum areas in Bengaluru in the next few months, state Minister for Food and Civil Supplies told.                                                                                                        


Leh gets India's Highest The India Meteorological Department (IMD):  which will now provide localised weather forecasts, issue warnings for adverse weather conditions for traffic movement on highways, agriculture, and defence personnel, from its meteorological centre, Leh in Ladakh, having extreme wide-ranging climate and topography. 



Gautam Gambhir's Jan Rasoi(Public Kitchen):  Jan Rasoi canteen; was inaugurated , poor to get food at Re 1.


Chennai Maths.Institute: is to set up a Fakir Chand Kohli (Founder of IT co. TCS) center of Excellence there,


Arya Rajendra, the youngest Mayor in the Country: It is all about Kerala's capital city Thiruvananthapuram, that a 21 years old girl, a college student Arya Rajendran has been elected as the Mayor of the City.                                                                                                                   



Union Defence Minister inaugrauted: Hypersonic wind Tunnel in Hyderabad. 


Subhash Chandar Bose Museum: Govt. of India has decided to set up a museum in Kolkata on his 125th birth Anniversary on 23rd January 2022.


1st Glass Bridge in India: is Nalanda Bihar. First of it's kind in India, It aims at to attract more Tourists, at Nalanda(Rajgir, Bihar).                                                          



New Parliament Building:  Construction of a new Parliament building will begin in December this year and is likely to be completed by October 2022.  the building is being constructed by Tata Projects.


Pune: is the 1st city to have a child friendly Police-Station.


Prayagraj Express: is the fastest running train in India.


Organ Donation Memorial was set up at Jaipur, on 27 November, on the eve of National Organ Donation Day. World Organ Donation Day: 13 August.


California University(US): set a seat there to learn more of Jainism.


India became 4th country: in the world to have its independent regional navigation satellite system recognised by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) as a part of the World Wide Radio Navigation System (WWRNS). Read more at


Child Friendly Wellness Center: is opened in Tiruchirapalli of Tamilnadu. 


Moss Garden: Nainital of Uttrakhand to house such Garden in the Country. The main aim behind developing the garden was to conserve the various species of moss and other bryophytes and to make people aware of its significance in the environment besides creating a recreation centre for tourists.


Asia's 1st Solar Powered Textile Mill: to come up in Maharashtra's Parbhani district. The Jai Bhawani women's cooperative textile mill will become the first Solar Power enabled textile mill in Asia. 



Cow Cabinet: The Madhya Pradesh government has decided to set up a ‘Gau (CowCabinet’ for the protection of cows and its progeny,

Read more at:


Tallest Hanuman Idol to be installed: A 215 meters tall Hanuman will be installed at Pampapur Kishkindha in Karnataka.

Read more at:


Digital Museum: will be set up in Gwalior(M.P.)


Geeta Museum: Kurukshetra to house world's 1st Geeta Museum.      


Indian Railway's: 1st Food Park is to be built at Pune Railways.


Statue of Peace: unveiled in Rajasthan. To mark the Jayanti celebrations of Jainacharya Shri Vijay Vallabh Surishwer Ji Maharaj,     Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the ‘Statue of Peace’ in Rajasthan’s Jaipura(Pali District) via video conferencing, to mark the 151st Jayanti celebrations of Jainacharya Shree Vijay Vallabh Surishwer Ji Maharaj on November 16. “Both Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Jainacharya Vijay Vallabh Ji dedicated their lives to the service of nation.

Read more,here


Snow Leopard Census: is started from Uttrakhand, is to be conducted in India for the 1st time.


'Kadal Osai FM 90.4’: as the only station that broadcasts information on marine affairs, COVID-19, and issues related to fishermen in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Fisherman Launches India’s First Radio Channel To Help Fisherfolk. To read more, click this link:


Priyanka Radhakrishanan: is the 1st person to get a berth in New Zealand cabinet.    


India's 1st Solar Miniature Train: ran in Kerala, read more in pic:-                       


India's 1st Tyre Park: to be opened in W. Bengal.                                                       


Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve (Uttrakhand): became the 1st such body to have women guides.


India's largest Double Decker Fly-Over: Chhapra(Bihar)  


Khadi & Village Industry Commission(KVIC): launched a muslin mask imprinted with "Subh Deepawali".


India's 1st paperless E-Boarding Facility: made available at Rajiv Gandhi International Air Port at Hydrabad.


Direct Port Entry Facility: opened at V O Chidambaranar Port in Tuticorn. 


Kerala: First State to Fix Floor Price for Vegetables.  //***//  Gujarat HC:  becomes first state apex court to live-stream of its proceedings on Youtube


India's 1st "Sand Dune Park": is to be built in Goa, with the financial aid from World Bank.


India's 1st Sea-plane to take off: on 31st of October 2020, will go from Riverfront(Ahmadabad) to Statue Of Unity (Kevadiya).Though, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had earlier used a seaplane flight from Sabarmati riverfront in Ahmedabad. To read more, click this link


Girnar Ropeway: in Junagarh Distt. in Gujrat at  Girnar Mountain. It is the longest Temple Ropeway in the world. It has been developed by Usha Breco Limited at an investment of Rs. 130 crore.


India's longest Ropeway: Joshimath to Oali in Uttrakhand.///***////India's longest River Ropeway: at Guwahati.


Banglore Railway Wheel Factory: the factory is at Yolenka(Banglore),set a record of producing 40 lakhs of Railway Wheels in 40 years.


NITI Aayog & Amazon: Joined their hands to set up India's 1st Cloud Innovation Centre. ///***// Agriculture Reform Act 2020 Protests: Punjab is the 1st state to reject this act.


India's 1st Multi Model Logistic Park: Will be developed in Bogaigaon(Assam).


Heeng(Asafoetida) Cultivation in India:  Heeng, though, used in all Indian kichens, but it is not produced in India but only import can help us, So Now, scientists at CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource, Palampur (IHBT), are on a mission to grow heeng in the Indian Himalayas. The first sapling has been planted in Himachal Pradesh’s Kwaring village in Lahaul valley in October 2020.


India's 1st Kisan Rail: ran from Devlali(Maharastra) to Danapur(Bihar). To read more  click here


Minty Aggarwal: has been awarded "Yudh Sewa Medal". She is the 1st woman to get this award in Indian Defence Forces. To read more  click here


Mansi Joshi: A para Badminton player of India, found the 1st rank in Times Magzine's list named "Ten Leader of New Generation", she is the 1st Para Player to be featured on the cover page of the Magazine. This list contains 7 women & 3 Men.   


AMHub:  is a project of Tamilnadu Govt. to make the state as Advanced Manufacturing Hub.


Goa: became the 1st state to claim of providing 100% water connection to its residents, which gives 55 Liters of Water per person daily.


Kasturi Cotton: is the brand name of indigenous Indian cotton, which got its Brand and got its Logo, recently. To read more Click here.


Animal Overpass: India to have 1st ever Animal Pass in Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. To ensure a safe passage for wildlife and to reduce the possibilities of human-animal conflict, India is all set to have its first-ever animal overpasses at the under-construction Delhi-Mumbai greenfield expressway. It will have five such animal overpasses with a combined length of over 2.5 km. To read more, click here


2 Organic Spice seeds Park: Gujrat to host such 2 parks, NABARD-supported one Organic Spices Seed Park for saunf (fennel seed) in the Banaskantha district and other jeera (cumin seed) in Patan for promotion of the organic seed value chain of the spices. To read more, visit me 


Puducherry Airport: is the 1st airport in the country 100%  operated by solar energy. To know more,  visit me 


Golden Tiger: It was a rare sight spotting a Golden Tiger in Kaziranga National Park. To know more, visit here,


Yellow Tortoise: A rare yellow turtle was discovered and rescued by villagers in Odisha's Balasore district,  To know more, visit here


Vistara Airlines: turned the 1st India's Airlines to provide in-flight Wi-Fi internet services. To read more  click here


Kerala to house India’s 1st Medical Devises Park in Thiruvendram. To read more,  click here


Ganga Avlokan Museum: is the museum on Ganga in Uttrakhand, which is the 1st-of-its-kind, Inaugurated by P.M. Modi.


Radio Pathshala: Odisha is the 1st state to start Radio Schools as "Radio Pathshala",  in these days of Pandemic. 


Shivangi Singh: the flight Lt. to be the 1st Woman Pilot of Rafele.