Important books of the year 2020: 

Updated on:   Wednesday 18 November 2020

"A Promised Land": Barack Obama.

"How to be a Writer": Ruskin Bond.

"Majhi Bhint": a book by Rajendra Darda.  //***// Aug Sang Ki: her party National League of Democracts comes back in Power.

"I am no Massiah": an autobiography of Sonu Sood, Meena Iyer is the Co-Writer.   //***//   "Bookiyana": is a book on Gulzar.

"Rasathi:the other side of Transgender": A book by Sasindran Kallinkeel.  A new novel by an SPG officer involved in the prime minister's security from 2000-07 looks at the lives, customs, rituals and struggle of transgenders. "Rasaathi: The Other Side of a Transgender" is Sasindran Kallinkeel's debut novel. He was with the Central Govt.

"Your Best Day is Today": By Bollywood Actor Anupam Kher. (His another book is "Lessons Life taught me, unknowingly)

"The Pandemonium: The Great Indian Banking Tragedy" a book by Tamal Bandyopadhyay.

"Nights of Restless Spirits: Stories from 1984" A book by Sabarjit Singh

"On the Trial of Buddha": by Dipankar Aron. To read more, follow this link

"The Ultimate Goal": By Vikram Sood, an ex-RAW chief.

Ramesh Pokhriyal: the Union Education Minister, wrote "Meri Nanhi Kavitaye".

"The Portrait Of Power": a book by N.K. Singh, Eminent Economist, Bureaurocrat & Chairman of 15th Financial Commission.

"The Battle Of Belonging" :  Shashi Tharoor, To read more, click this link

"Deh Bichwa Karni": is an autobiography of Former Union Minister Dr. Babasaheb Vikhe.

"A Khalistani Conspiracy": is a book by an ex RAW officer Sh. G B S Siddhu.

"A Bouquet of Flowers": is a book by Dr. Krishna Saksena.

Romilla Thapar: "Voices of Dissents".

Vikas Khanna: "Kitchens of Gratitude.

Arundhati Roy: ”Azadi: Freedom, Fascism”

Chetan Bhagat: "One Arranged Murder".

Pradeep Chhibbar: wrote "India Tomorrow: Convention with the next generation".

Arjun Subramaniam: wrote "Full Spectrum: India's Wars1972-2020"

"Connecting, Communicating Charging": This book contains all the speeches by VP - Venkata Naidu.


Nina Rai:  "Amazing Ayodhya".

Nirupama Yadav: an Indian sportsperson wrote a book, titled “Vishesh: Code To Win”

Viral V Acharya(Former RBI deputy Governor)wrote a book titled  "Quest For restoring Financial Stability".


The Pandemic Century: One Hundred Years of Panic, Hysteria and Hubris: a book by  Mark Honigsbaum,  a medical historian at the City University of London (UK), focuses on large-scale outbreaks since 1900. The author uses 9 examples to shine a light on epidemiological blind spots to avoid in future investigations.


Baldev Singh Sadaknama: authored a book titled "Sooraj Kade Ni Marda", on Shaheed Udham Singh.


Shobha Dey:  Lockdown Liaisons: Leaving & other Stories.

Megha Majumdar:  "A Burning" A Burning was a bright and emphatic debut novel by a talented writer who crafted a circus-like novel and she played all the parts with ease.


Naoroji- Pioneer of Indian Nationalism - Biography By Dinyar Patel


Karan Puri: wrote a book titled - "#MeToo"Noted fiction author and food and lifestyle blogger Karan Puri has launched his new book #MeToo – A collection of Short Stories. The book, which was launched on a popular e-commerce platform on June 1, 2020, is receiving good response from the readers and book fan community


Urjit Patel: Authored the book "Overdraft Saving the Indian Saver".


S. Husain Jaidi: "The Endgame", a novel


S. Jaishankar(external affairs Minister): wrote the book 

"The Indian Ways: Strategies for an Uncertain World".


Important books of the year 2019: