Latest Updated on:  Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Chang-e-5: is the name of the probe which is to be sent to Moon.

Param Siddhi: is the latest Super Computer of India, which found a rank of 63rd among all Super Computer of World.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited(HAL): selected "Tech Mahindra" for its projact "Parivatan" with a money of 400 Cr. Rupees.

EOS-01: India to send this  satellite by ISRO using PSLV- C49.This journey included I Indian satellite of DRDO named EOS-01(Earth Observation Satellite)

& 9 Foreign customer Satellites.    These 9 foreign satellites includes: 4 from America, 4 from Luxamberg & 1 from Lithuania.

To read more, click this link https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/what-is-eos-01-india-earth-observation-satellite-6988784/

SAI: is the secure & efficient Messenger Application of SAI.

SMART-1: is the satellite sent by NASA for asteroid names Benue.

Rollable T.V.: LG electronics Company came out this innovative product. To read more, visit this link https://www.thehansindia.com/tech/lg-signature-oled-r-is-the-worlds-first-rollable-tv-652297

Netherland's Scientists discovered a new orgon: Scientists in the Netherlands have discovered a new organ, a set of salivary glands set deep in the upper part of the throat. The "accidental" discovery was made when researchers at the Netherlands Cancer Institute were using a combination of CT scans and positron emission tomography (PET) scans called PSMA PET-CT to study prostate cancer. 

To read more, click this link  .https://indianexpress.com/article/technology/science/new-organ-in-the-throat-while-studying-prostrate-cancer-6821660/

India International Science Festival 2020: will be held virtually from 22-25 December, Virtually. It will be the 6th version, 5th one was held in  Kolkata, IISF is an annual event organised jointly by science and technology-related ministries and departments of the government and Vijnana Bharati (Vibha), an RSS-affiliated scientific body.

Singapore: is the 1st nation in the world to use face recognition technique during cheque payment.

NITI Aayog & Amazon: Joined their hands to set up India's 1st Cloud Innovation Centre.

Applied AI center: Intel &Telangana Government has decided to launch an Applied AI  Center in Hyderabad.  To read more click here

KalamSat: is an experimental, the lightest & smallest Sattelite made by an 18 years old student, named Rifat Sharook from Pallapatti (Tamilnadu) town. It was Selected by NASA. To read more visit here

CSIR (Council for Scientific & Industrial Research) & KPIT: tested successfully a car Engine with Hydrogen Fuel.

Param Sidhi AI: is the name of India's Fastest HPC-AI supercomputer made by C-DAC.

S.S. Kalpana Chawla: is the name of the Cargo Spacecraft of NASA, this name is given to honoring India's 1st women Astronaut. To know more, click me

Venus Mission: ISRO to launch this mission in 2025 with France.  To read more about it, Visit me

Skyroot Aerospace: is India’s 1st Private Space company. 

HSTDV: tested successfully, to read more, click this link =>  Hyper Sonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle

5G Technology: India to develop 5G technology, with US & Israel.